Patient Access is Top of Mind

Improving patient access to medical services is a top priority for health system leaders in 2022 as they look to make it easier and more convenient for consumers to engage with their health and find the right care at the right time.


Expert Panel Discussion on Patient Access

Join digital health leaders as they share their insights on Top of Mind research findings and their outlook for digital health in the coming year.


Top of Mind Exchange: Telehealth

New eBook captures highlights and next steps from a private roundtable of telehealth experts who discussed the future of telehealth.


What We Do

The Center for Connected Medicine (CCM) connects and inspires leaders and innovators who want to advance health care. Collaborating with a network of experts, we serve as a resource for information and events focused on the future of digital health.

Our Partners

The foundation of the Center for Connected Medicine (CCM) is built on developing powerful, collaborative partnerships with health systems and vendors to achieve better outcomes and provide patient-centric care.

In the News

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