‘The Future of Innovation in Health Care’ Episode 1: The evolution of the chief medical information officer


Rob Bart, MD, of UPMC, explains his strategic focus on patient access, consumerism, AI, and reducing the burden on clinicians

Rob Bart, MD, is Chief Medical Information Officer of UPMC, a position that increasingly requires a focus on technology strategy for one of the nation’s largest integrated health care systems.

Dr. Bart sat down for an interview at the Center for Connected Medicine (CCM) with Alex Nixon, Senior Research Analyst, for the first episode of “The Future of Innovation in Health Care.”

In this episode, Dr. Bart discusses the evolution of the chief medical information officer (CMIO) position. It’s a job that started primarily as the “physician champion” for the electronic health record (EHR). Now it’s focused more on helping health systems innovate in the areas of:

  • Patient access
  • Consumerism
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Reducing the burden on clinicians

Hear Dr. Bart address these topics and more in the above video.

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