Patient access is ‘Top of Mind’ at health systems for second year in a row


Download ‘Top of Mind for Top Health Systems 2023’ research to see what solutions health care leaders are deploying to improve patient access

Improving patient access to medical services is a top priority for U.S. health systems as they grapple with economic uncertainty and the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic that has altered patient behavior.

According to a new report from the Center for Connected Medicine (CCM), health system leaders ranked patient access as the top challenge that could be improved with technology in the coming year.

It was the second year in a row that the CCM’s “Top of Mind for Top Health Systems” research identified improving patient access as a priority. Download the report at the link above.

How are health systems approaching patient access?

To address the challenge of improving patient access, health systems are investing in telehealth technology, patient portals, and other digital tools, updating their organizational structures, and focusing on fixing processes within their organizations.

The “Top of Mind for Top Health Systems 2023” report identified telehealth, patient portals, and patient appointment reminders as the technologies most often implemented by health care organizations to improve patient access. Other digital tools, such as self-scheduling, cost estimators, and navigation solutions, have not seen implementation at the same high levels.

“It’s no secret that health systems have been facing significant challenges since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and must address consumer demands for greater convenience and accessibility from their health care providers. The CCM’s Top of Mind report underscores the priority we’re placing on patient access and highlights the improvements we’re focusing on, including options for virtual care, greater self-scheduling functionality, and more engagement with our patient portal,” said Dr. Joon Lee, executive vice president of UPMC and president of UPMC Physician Services.

61 health system leaders surveyed for research

The CCM, which collaborates with a network of experts from across the health care ecosystem to produce resources and events on the future of health care, is operated by Nokia and UPMC.

The “Top of Mind” research, produced in partnership with KLAS Research, surveyed 61 leaders from 59 hospitals and health systems across the United States on their organizations’ efforts to improve patient access, price transparency, telehealth, and artificial intelligence.

“KLAS is honored to have partnered with the CCM to produce a report that truly helps bring clarity and insight to the market. The Top of Mind report is a resource that health system leaders can use to understand how their peers are approaching both the opportunities and the challenges that exist in today’s ever-changing environment,” said Adam Gale, CEO of KLAS Research.

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