Can doctor offices eliminate patient waiting rooms? Stacey Chang says, ‘Yes, we’ve done it!’


How design impacts patient experience in health care, and what it means for care outcomes at The University of Texas at Austin.

Stacey Chang, Executive Director of the Design Institute for Health at The University of Texas at Austin, spoke about design in health care and its effect on patient experience at the Center for Connected Medicine’s Top of Mind 2019 Summit.

To illustrate the types of problems Chang and his team seek to solve, Chang talked about a new patient journey model that eliminated patient waiting rooms at UT Health Austin clinics.

Design as intervention in health care

Stacey Chang discusses patient experience in health care
Stacey Chang, executive director of the Design Institute for Health, gives a presentation at the Center for Connected Medicine.

Chang worked with UT Health Austin’s integrated practice units at 12 specialty clinics to restructure the patient journey.

“It’s not just better from a patient experience point of view, but it’s better for the [clinical] team, as well,” said Chang.

Watch the video for details and read more in Modern Healthcare coverage of the redesign.

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