Digital Health Tools and the New Normal


Watch the webinar on-demand and hear from health system and technology leaders about how providers are leveraging digital tools as services expand

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 marks a major turning point for digital health care in the United States as health systems have been forced to implement and accelerate projects for telemedicine and other digital tools to continue serving patients.

While many hospitals have been severely impacted by the need for social distancing and other measures to prevent spreading infection – affects that are still playing out across the country – the pandemic has also cemented the convenience of digital tools among providers and consumers, some of whom were previously reluctant to adopt new technologies.

The webinar from the Center for Connected Medicine (CCM) focuses on how digital health tools and a fortified digital patient experience are permitting health systems to forge a “new normal” – one that more seamlessly integrates digital health and telemedicine.

The webinar covers:

  • Digital health tools that are proving most instrumental in supporting health systems as they expand beyond essential care to important non-emergency needs and preventive care.
  • How the pandemic has influenced health system digital health innovation priorities.
  • What the COVID-19 pandemic illuminated about the future of the digital patient experience.

Webinar panelists

The CCM, which collaborates with a network of leaders and innovators working to advance health care, convened a panel of experts in digital health for the presentation:

Mike McSherry, CEO of Xealth
Sara Vaezy, Chief Digital Strategy & Business Development Officer at Providence
Shiv Rao, MD, CEO and Co-Founder at Abridge
Gretchen Mendoza, Senior Director of Product Management at UPMC Enterprises

Event objectives

By viewing this webinar, the audience will learn:

  • How digital tools are helping health systems provide care in our “new normal.”
  • Specific use cases of effective deployment of digital tools at health systems.
  • The long-term outlook for digital tools as health systems return to a “new normal.”
  • What learnings have become available insofar as the digital patient experience, and what influence they have on health system priorities.

CCM’s research on digital health tools

The CCM’s February 2020 research report, “The Future of the Digital Patient Experience,” highlighted several mileposts on the journey to using digital tools at health systems.

Among the key findings:

  • Digital health tools are a priority, with half of respondents saying patient-facing tools are a critical or high priority.
  • Tools are focused on relatively basic tasks now, but systems are looking to invest in important digital differentiators.
  • The biggest drivers are improving access to care, helping patients monitor and manage their health, and delivering higher patient satisfaction.
  • Cost and consumer experience are the biggest challenges.

Taken together, these findings suggest health system respondents were focused on patient-facing tools even before the COVID-19 pandemic instilled a heightened urgency for technologies like telemedicine. During this webinar, respondents will shed light on how digital health has changed and what its acceleration means for the patient experience in 2020 and beyond.

Read more on digital tools, including how CCM partner UPMC leveraged telemedicine during the pandemic and what a UPMC executive overseeing the health system’s digital front door sees as priorities for the patient experience.

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