Common web services could help raise the cybersecurity ‘poverty line’ in health care


Gus Hunt, the former chief technology officer of the Central Intelligence Agency, advocates for a raising of the cybersecurity poverty line in health care.

Hunt, who is managing director of cybersecurity at Accenture Federal Services, described the cybersecurity poverty line as an invisible threshold between large health systems, which may have the resources for the latest in cyber-defense, and small providers, which aren’t likely to have budgets on the same scale.

“When everything is connected, you are always vulnerable to your weakest link,” Hunt said, during a keynote speech at the Center for Connected Medicine’s Top of Mind for Top U.S. Health Systems 2018 Summit.

“What we need is an approach that doesn’t just elevate the posture of the people with the wherewithal (to spend on cybersecurity), but we need an approach that’s going to elevate the posture of everybody,” he said.


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