Top of Mind research, reports on interoperability and innovation lead list of most-read posts


‘Tis the Season: Our Top 10 Stories of 2019

Top of Mind research, reports on interoperability and innovation, and webinars on cloud cybersecurity and data sharing lead list of most-read CCM blog posts

It was a big year for the Center for Connected Medicine as we published timely reports on the biggest issues in digital health, hosted webinars featuring leaders from across the health care landscape, and shared the expertise of a variety of health care executives in videos and interviews. See our most-read stories below and look for even more resources in the coming year – when we’ll kick-off by exploring the future of the patient digital experience.

1. Top of Mind 2020: Patient engagement, data analytics, and precision medicine drive better care, but barriers remain

Top of Mind 2020 research report

The CCM’s third annual Top of Mind research report, published in November, focused on three technologies vital to managing the shift to value-based care. In partnership with KLAS Research, 70 leaders at 65 health systems provided insights on patient engagement, data aggregation and analytics, and precision medicine. Read the post and download the report.

2. Improving Health Care Interoperability: Are we making progress?

Survey research from the CCM and HIMSS Media examined challenges health systems face with interoperability, including how strategic goals are hindered by systems that don’t easily exchange data. Read the post and download the report.

3. Trends for Scaling Innovation in Health Care

New Research on Trends for Scaling Innovation in Health Care

In June, the CCM published a research report looking at how health systems are aligning, structuring, and empowering innovation. Produced in partnership with The Health Management Academy, the report offered a checklist of six actions health system leaders can take to accelerate innovation. Read the post and download the report.

4. Top of Mind 2019: Executives reveal the most impactful areas of health IT

Executives from nearly 40 health systems gave insights on three areas of health technology they said were major priorities for 2019: Cybersecurity, Telehealth, and Interoperability. Among the key findings, leaders said they were increasing spending to defend against cyberattacks, feeling optimistic about reimbursement for telehealth services, and expressing anxiety about Apple, Amazon, and Google entering the health care space. Read the post and download the report.

5. Webinar on-demand: How can health systems overcome cybersecurity concerns to reap cloud’s benefits?

“Building Trust in the Cloud” featured a panel of cybersecurity and cloud computing experts who discussed whether concerns that are limiting the use of the public cloud in health care are grounded in reality. Insights from panelists focused on how health systems can strike a balance between information security and access to data. Learn more about the webinar and watch it on-demand.

6. Are health care’s cloud security concerns grounded in reality?

Cloud security health care stock image CCM

Prior to the broadcast of our cloud cybersecurity webinar, the CCM published results of a survey examining how information security concerns were affecting the use of cloud applications. The findings, captured in an infographic and executive response, suggest that health care’s worries might be inflated. Learn more about the research.

7. Improving Health Care Interoperability: Have we reached a tipping point?

The CCM’s most-popular webinar to date featured Aneesh Chopra, the former Chief Technology Officer of the United States, moderating a discussion about the state of interoperability in health care. The conversation focused on recent developments that have many health IT leaders feeling optimistic that progress is being made on data sharing. Learn more about the webinar and watch it on-demand.

8. Vivian Lee says Verily wants to make health data more useful for patients

Vivian Lee of Verily

Dr. Lee, the President of Health Platforms at Verily, spoke at the CCM’s Top of Mind 2019 Summit where she discussed a project to help patients with diabetes better control their blood sugar with medical devices and a companion app utilizing machine learning technology. Read more about her talk and watch two videos from an interview with Dr. Lee.

9. Webinar: How top health systems build and implement innovation

The CCM convened experts from Duke, Yale, UPMC, and Ochsner to discuss their innovation priorities, strategies for scaling innovation, and key findings from the CCM report, Trends for Scaling Innovation in Health Care. Learn more about the webinar and watch it on-demand.

10. Health systems are the taxi industry in an Uber world

Rob DeMichiei, the Chief Financial Officer of UPMC, gave a compelling talk at the CCM’s Top of Mind 2019 Summit in which he argued that health systems must embrace consumerism or risk becoming obsolete as new players step into the health care space. Read about his presentation and watch a video of his talk.

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