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About Us

The Experience

The Center showcases one of the world’s most advanced medical centers, UPMC. Built upon an integrated platform that supports a new care model designed to bring together providers, care-delivery locations and insurance services, UPMC leverages information technology to deliver health care of the highest quality in settings across the globe. Visitors to the Center experience a comprehensive view of fully integrated partner technologies, illustrated through real-life scenarios reflecting cases and situations encountered by practicing UPMC clinicians and technology experts.

While visiting the Center:

  • Explore a state-of-the-art facility recognized for its global leadership in health care
  • Experience a unique inside look at UPMC that validates the successful implementation of integrated partner technology
  • Engage in stimulating thought leadership conversation
  • Understand decision making in a rapidly changing environment
  • Gain insight into partner innovations and collaborations

About Pittsburgh

Thriving in an atmosphere of change, the city of Pittsburgh has an economy powered by health care, education, technology, robotics, energy services and finance. The city has established itself as a leader and innovator of new ideas and technological advancement in these areas.


With more than 2 million people in the metropolitan area, Pittsburgh is the second largest city in Pennsylvania. The region is home to three professional sports teams, world-class colleges and universities, Fortune 500 companies and dozens of hospitals. Each day, the organizations and companies of Pittsburgh are pioneering innovative technology and provoking new ideas for a successful future.

Facts about Pittsburgh

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