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Marion Ball
Marion Ball, IBM

It was the 13rd year of Japan Executive Program at CCM & UPMC and the very BEST one. The program gets better every year with very meaningful agenda and insightful and thought-provoking contents. We are so deeply grateful that CCM has GE as one of the industry partners.

Japan is, as you may be aware, in the verge of the huge transformation of their own healthcare system facing the extreme challenge of super aging society. It will be the unprecedented level of change in many decades. The next several years will be very critical for all hospitals and the healthcare industry in Japan. What UPMC has been doing in the last two decades and the clear and bold vision of CCM will be tremendous inspiration and encouragement to Japanese healthcare providers and policy makers. I sincerely hope that Dr. Watson and Dr. Shrestha will have an opportunity to visit Japan soon and get to know the KOLs and key decision makers through much deeper dialogues and mind-sharing sessions. I will spread the words about CCM and your vision and missions to other parts of the world using my network as well. I also believe that good things for people should be shared. World could all learn from each other. Thank you so much again for your continued generosity and sharing-spirits.

- Nobuko Schlough, GE Healthcare

I am so pleased to see the enthusiasm and collaboration continues from the excitement conveyed at the earliest customer visit to the Center for Connected Medicine. We are so pleased that this connection has clearly brought value to all parties. Thank you for your continued engagement with our client.

- Jackie Silhanek, GE Healthcare

Your tour of the Center for Connected Medicine was excellent. It provided me with plenty of information and a greater understanding of health care further solidifying my desire to work in the field. I already can imagine the dinner table talk that will ensue once I go home for weekend with my father who is a partner in a private practice.

Thank you for taking the time to give Women in Business (WiB) a tour of the facility and the opportunity to learn more about UPMC. I'm looking forward to looking into the books and authors you suggested, especially “The Checklist Manifesto”.

- Elizabeth Smolinski, President, Women in Business

I wanted to sincerely thank you for your time and the tour; it was great to learn about something so important that really goes unnoticed by most of the population. You helped me realize that UPMC is truly a company that I can aspire to work for in the future, while maintaining my goals of helping people and making a difference in my community. The experience yesterday was invaluable.

- Alexa Walls, University of Pittsburgh College of Business

Thank you so much for taking the time to give us an amazing tour around The Center for Connected Medicine.

You had lots of insight that I had never considered as well as some really great viewpoints on women in the workforce. I am really looking forward to reading “The Martian’s Daughter” as you suggested! I throughly enjoyed the tour and am excited to follow what UPMC continues to do with the collaborative healthcare plan that they are already making so much progress on.

- Anna Skidmore, University of Pittsburgh