Tina Moen of IBM: There are still challenges to implementing predictive analytics in health care


Health systems are beginning to understand the value of predictive analytics, and are ready to take advantage of the technology, said Tina Moen, Deputy Chief Health Officer, IBM Watson Health.

But hospitals need to be ready to tackle long-standing challenges in health IT to make the most of the technology, said Moen, who was a speaker at the Center for Connected Medicine’s Top of Mind for Top U.S. Health Systems 2018 Summit in Pittsburgh, Pa. (Check out Tina’s profile)

“Despite the enthusiasm around predictive analytics, there are still obstacles that prevent predictive analytics from being fully utilized,” she said.

In an interview during the Top of Mind 2018 Summit, Moen outlined those obstacles, which include siloed organizations, disparate datasets, and a lack of expertise within an organization.


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