What barriers are preventing health systems from using predictive analytics to maximize their big data?


Webinar features top experts in health care analytics from UPMC, Department of Health and Human Services, and GE Healthcare

Hospitals and health systems want to put their data to work and they know predictive analytics is a key solution to some of the problems plaguing health care.

But despite the buzz around predictive analytics, there are obstacles for health systems that want to turn their big data into actionable insights.

The Center for Connected Medicine (CCM), a thought leadership hub for health care innovation, will discuss the challenges of implementing predictive analytics with a panel of top experts from health care, government, and industry during a webinar, “Within Sight Yet Out of Reach: Predictive Analytics in Health Care.”

Watch the webinar:

What you need to know

  • This hour-long webinar explores the barriers preventing health systems from maximizing their big data.

Who is speaking

  • Oscar Marroquin, MD, Chief Clinical Analytics Officer, UPMC
  • Mona Siddiqui, MD, MPH, Chief Data Officer, HHS
  • Travis Frosch, Senior Director, Analytics, GE Healthcare

What you can learn

  • Where predictive analytics is showing true promise and real results.
  • What is wishful thinking when it comes the potential of predictive analytics in health care.
  • The roadblocks keeping health systems from employing predictive analytics.
  • And what steps leaders in health care can take to make meaningful progress toward predictive analytics.

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