Hear how leaders are accelerating innovation in health care at Expo.Health in Boston


Come see the panel discussion, “Accelerating Health Care Innovation,” at 1:30 p.m., Aug. 1, in the main room at Expo.Health in Boston.

Adam Landman, MD, Brigham Health
Adam Landman

Innovation leaders from UPMC, Brigham Health, GE Healthcare, and Nokia join a panel at Expo.Health that will discuss accelerating innovation in health care.

Expo.health (July 31-August 2, in Boston) is a conference focused on delivering attendees with actionable information and case studies around important themes in health care including IT analytics, security, patient engagement, and EHR optimization.

The Center for Connected Medicine, a conference sponsor, has organized the panel of experts to discuss how health systems are accelerating innovation.

The panelists are:

Zariel Johnson, PhD, UPMC Enterprises
Zariel Johnson
  • Adam Landman, MD, Chief Information Officer, Brigham Health
  • Travis Frosch, Global Data Strategy Leader, GE Healthcare
  • Karl Bream, Vice President and Head of Internet of Things Strategy, Nokia
  • Zariel Johnson, PhD, Program Manager, UPMC Enterprises (Moderator)

What the audience can expect to learn:

  • Insight into cutting-edge innovation at renowned health care and technology organizations, drivers behind innovation implementation, and case studies on successful scaling of innovation in health care
  • Details of exclusive research on innovation at health systems, including structure, investment, and common focus areas
  • Expert insight into industry factors affecting innovation, and anticipated trajectory and impact over time
Travis Frosch, GE Healthcare
Travis Frosch

CCM research: Trends for Scaling Innovation in Health Care

Innovation is a key focus at many health systems, which are under pressure to improve outcomes, reduce costs, and provide a better consumer experience.

New research from the Center for Connected Medicine (CCM) and The Health Management Academy shows health system C-suite leaders turn to innovation as a means of revenue generation, and that the most common external partner for health system innovation initiatives are technology companies.

[Download a copy of the CCM research report “Trends for Scaling Innovation in Health Care”]

Karl Bream, Nokia
Karl Bream

The research uncovered a correlation between health systems that have structure and processes surrounding innovation and the ability to implement and scale innovation quickly. Innovation can take many forms at health systems.

The forms of innovation can include the adoption of new technologies, development of innovation divisions, investment in data analytics, and many other strategies, processes, and tools. But the research found the majority of health systems have a set system-wide definition for innovation — and definitions often shed light on organizational priorities and strategy.

[Infographic: Check out key findings of the innovation research report in “6 Practices for Scaling Innovation in Health Care”]

The Expo.Health panel of health care and technology leaders will take listeners through innovation at their organizations and the industry at large, discussing their strategies and priority areas, and offering insight on the top innovation focus areas of health systems as identified by the research (access, IT and data analytics, and patient/consumer engagement) and other key findings. The group will identify and debate environmental factors impacting health care innovation and discuss the trajectory and impact of the most meaningful of those factors.

[Watch a webinar featuring health system experts discussing innovation]


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