Adam Gale of KLAS Research: Challenges of moving to a patient-centered health care system


Many health systems are adopting new consumer-focused technologies.

But they’re still trying to figure out how to use patient-centered health care technologies to engage with patients in a meaningful way, said Adam Gale, President of KLAS Research.

Gale, who was a keynote speaker at the Center for Connected Medicine’s Top of Mind for Top U.S. Health Systems 2018 Summit in Pittsburgh, Pa., said most hospitals were set up with physicians at the center. But the health care landscape is shifting to a system in which the patient experience, health outcomes, and the value of care are the focus.

“The hard part for most heath care organizations is to move from a physician-centric world to a patient-centric world,” Gale said.

KLAS Research aggregates feedback from health systems on their experience with various vendor technologies.

Watch the video above for highlights from an interview with Adam Gale on the challenges and opportunities of moving to a patient-centered health system.


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